downloadName: Set a custom download display name

The downloadName property sets a custom name that is displayed during a DLM download. The code shown below was run when this page loaded. In this example, the downloadName is set to "My Custom Download Name." Also, the dlmContainer and startDLM HTML elements are already defined on this page.

Click the Start download link to run the demonstration. You can pause and restart the download. The demonstrations will install Akamai NetSession client on your local device if it is not already installed, and in that case you'll be prompted to agree to the end user license agreement (EULA) while installing the client. The demonstrations will download files as large as 50MB.


    DLMHelper.uploadEnabled = true;

    var url = "";
    var dlm = new DLM(DLMCID, url, null, "dlmContainer", "startDLM");
    dlm.downloadPath = "prompt";
    dlm.originOnly = false;
    dlm.downloadName = "My Custom Download Name";

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