Akamai NetSession Interface Demonstrations

The Akamai NetSession Interface is the engine for two Akamai services and two sets of demonstrations and code examples.

Similarties and Differences

CSD and NetSession DLM both use the Akamai NetSession Download Manager (DLM) API library, a JavaScript library that provides for embedding the NetSession Interface into web pages to enable single or multiple file downloads. The DLM API uses the Akamai NetSession Interface as its download engine and takes advantage of NetSession's download verification, multiple download streams, and large file capabilities. The DLM API and the NetSession Interface support client-to-client download capability.

Client-side Downloads offers the ability to offload a significant portion of edge delivery onto a managed and secure network of clients - using client-to-client delivery - to provide a lower cost download solution that respects the clients. Good uses may include software downloads, patches, and updates, background software and drivers, and downloadable video and games used by about a thousand or more people.

NetSession Download Manager is best used when unique files go to only a few users, for dynamic content that may have unique bits for each user, or streaming video.

Download Demonstrations

Custom Installation Demonstrations

For both services in the near future, NetSession will provide the same default installation for the interface client. The new installation provides methods to detect whether the client is already installed, and you can, if you like, customize the installation experience using separate popups or in-line text.